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Another thank you to an anonymous donor Answered

Like DJ Radio, someone has given me a Pro membership, and I'd like to thank them. I feel a little guilty about this, actually...I've been putting off buying one myself until I had college paid for and could warrant frivolities like website memberships, and I just made National Merit Finalist, which means I get a full-ride...

Point is, thank you to whoever is behind this. I am quite grateful, though a bit annoyed that now I feel obligated to build and post something...something relatively major is in the works, though. ;-)


 Congrats on on making NMF!!

Thank you, sir. The University of Texas at Dallas already offered me $87,000 plus a $1,500 laptop fund plus $1,500 for study abroad travel expenses, but then again, $22,500/year isn't nearly enough to pay for being in Texas.

Very cool! Dallas is probably the second worst place in Texas, Houston being the worst. I got a friend at UT Dallas, she seems to like it, but then again she was always weird...

Just outside of  Austin dude, damn best place within a thousand miles at least

Best damned internet provider too.  You still have to drive a thousand miles to get a good connection, eh? 

 >reads comment several times

Retransmit message pleaz??

 You always said your internet connection was damned bad.  Ergo, you have the best "damned" internet provider.

 Oh i gotchya. It's Verizon's fault my internet sucks. AUSTIN is the best place in a thousand miles is what I was striving to say.

My uncle lives in dallas, he likes it a lot there.

I live in austin Its awesome and I love it!

 Does he? My opinions are fairly biased, I dislike cities in general.

It's not a particularly inspiring school. I did see a guy with an Ibles shirt once though.

Like CameronSS and DJ Radio before me, a gracious and anonymous donor has granted me the gift of a pro membership and all the priveledges and responsibilities thereof.  I am grateful for this gift, and spent my first night as a pro member testing out all the new features.  So to whomever you are, I can only say a big thank you, and hope that you run across this posting.

Personal theory: it's already-pro contest winners giving away part of their prize to people they dig.

Congratulations on being considered cool enough to big up.

(I'd also like to suggestion a name for this phenomenon; pronation [like do nation, see?])

PRO bono.  Looks like Cameron got bono'ed.

I know, it doesn't sound much better though...

Oh, I like the layered meaning.

I prefer that.

That sounds medical to me...


Only to a man of a certain age...

 iBurn approves this name.

Hey, congrats.

I didn't see this until the bumpus.  I was busy with ahem..other things.

Well done !   Looks like someone appreciates your presence :-)