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Another washed ipod question? Answered

Yep. another one. It was stupid, but it still happened... I washed an ipod. Its an ipod nano 2g, got washed and went about 20min into dryer cycle. It was turned off (hold switch on so there was no chance of it turning on). Ipod is now in rice, turned off. How long should I lieave it in there? Also, are there any other preventative measures I should take to get it operational? I have not tried or attempted to turn the ipod on thus far. Thanks



Best Answer 6 years ago

My advice would be to open it up (yeah, I know its not that easy), blow it dry inside with a blow dryer set on cool and leave it in the sunshine for a couple of days. If there is just one tiny drop of water in the wrong place, turn it on and you'll have another paperweight.

Hmm.. ill do that as a last resort If nothing else seems to be working. I found some silica gel from an old package and stuck it into the rice. Im pretty sure it will dry out- from the combination of dryer/relatively no humidity here. I actually turned it on this morning (It was on no longer than 3 secs). I turned on, but the screen seemed to have some water damage. Im happy it turned on at all though...


6 years ago

It might have survived the washer but chances are good the fryer killed it. You won't know until you try it out. Not much else to say other than don't leave stuff in your pants.

I meant to say dryer but fryer is probably an appropriate word. Several years ago one of the PC mag's did tests on various USB drives to test their survivability. Yes they even fed one to a dog and then reacquired it. The one thing that proved universally fatal to them all was running through the dryer. They all survived washing machines, and some even survived being run over with an SUV, but none could stand the baking in the dryer.

My Mom actually washed and dried my Dad's phone, and it survived... so not everything dies in the drier. :)

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