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Brad lives on the 20th floor of an apartment building. Every day he goes down to the 1st floor on the elevator and rides back up to the fifteenth on the elevator and walks the remaining five floors back up to his apartment. Why?


because he is a dwarf and is too small to reach any button over number 15 so he has to walk up the last 5 floors!!! ha! ha! ha!

If he lives in a city, which is likely given that it's at least a 20 floor apt building, he could be climbing the stairs for excercise. And has some reason to not climb all the way up. Also, it's entirely possible that he works in the same building, as an elevator operator (do they still have those?). However, the elevator for the general public only serves the first 15 floors, and he thinks it's faster to walk the remaining floors at the end of the day.

Depending on which continent the apartment building is, the floor level with the sidewalk outside could be called Ground Floor or First Floor. (At least, I've always heard it depends on the continent; I've seen inconsistencies within the North American continent).


9 years ago

Simple, brad is an obsessive compulsive. If he does this routine every day, he must have a reason, wich seems logical to him, to do this. It could be re creating the eents of a specific day, wich was either positively significant, or something wich was damaging to him, and he would do this so he would not forget something or someone he loved.

He is too short to reach above the 15th button.

. He gets a cup of coffee on the ground floor and works on the 15th?

Brad is a ficticious character. He likes making his life a riddle. Assuming Brad is on time, his ex-girlfriend is a jerk that likes to ride the elevator the last 5 floors upwards to her 20th story apartment, whereas Brad decides to avoid her. ( :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D) He likes to be green, and walks 1/4 the distance of using the elevator to his apartment. He is similar to a 5 year old, and like elevators. After being bored from going 15 stories, he decides to walk the last 5. -PKT