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Anti-Land Mine Robot Answered

I have started design and concept design on a robot to mark (via GPS and UV paint) and destroy unexploded ordinance in Cambodia.  I am assembling teams for various aspects of the project (mechanical, electronics/power, practical application, coding and programming, construction, etc).  While many people have offered their experience and knowledge, the more people contributing can only benefit the end product.  This is not a money-maker, it's a life sustainer.  I'm looking for people who are interested in using their skills to better someone else's existence.  

Though it is brand new, you can visit the project's blog at http://antiminebot.wordpress.com/  

All advice is welcomed.  Project updates will be regular.

Thank you for your time,



I'm not exactly an expert, but if you can get something that has underground radar, then it would be able to find a mine buried below the surface. Might be too expensive, though.

Have been researching this technology. It does seem to be priced a bit out of reach at the moment, but cannot be ignored because of cost alone.

I get the idea that you think mines are easy to find; they are not and that is the whole point - you don't know where to point your water-jet/stick/paint.


I have seen minefields in person. Indeed, UEO can be hidden very well. My exposure, however, is limited to an arid, flat terrain. If mines are capable of hiding so well in the desert, than UEO existing in varying terrain and vegetation will provide a very real challenge.

There are many areas that have active and dangerous fields mapped (although often loosely). If deployed to an area with KNOWN UEO, various method could be used for accurate detection. Possible methods include: RF Coils (metal detectors), reading chemical signatures (gas emissions from the UEO's explosive component), infrared imagine, ground penetrating radar, etc. Finding them does not seem impossible, just difficult and time consuming and dangerous. Obviously certain methods will not be able to be considered for this project (due to budgetary restrictions, and also to proprietary equipment/software). Other methods will be researched and thoroughly tested before any plans for deployment are even considered.

The sad reality is that one machine is not going to make a significant impact in areas especially hard hit with UEO. But if we allow this to cloud our creativity and desire to help someone else, we might lose the ability to make any impact at all.