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Any "Cheap-Duinos" based on the ATMega1280/1281/2561 MCUs? Answered

Hi there. I'm using a Arduino Mega-1280 in a project, and am wanting to "free it up" for other things. I see that there are a number of cheap-duino replacements here and other places
(ie; https://www.instructables.com/id/Perfboard-Hackduino-Arduino-compatible-circuit/), but I haven't found any that specifically incorporate the ATMega1280/1281/2561. Basically, I'm needing all four of the hardware UARTs this family of MCUs provide, without reverting to interrupt-driven, software-based serial I/O it's predicesors utilize, having the extra memory certainly doesn't hurt either.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, links, etc!



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frollard (author)2011-01-26


Has the schematic and board files to make your own. Really it only needs a few connections to 'turn on' - the rest is up to you.

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