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Any Good and Cheap Materials Out There? Answered

I am looking for a cheap material for my projects that durable, strong, and with a nice texture. However, I cannot really find one. I thought about wood, but whenever I tried to sand/smooth it out, it never turn out right. I though about plastic (as in 3D printing), but I can't really afford a printer with my budget and since I am bound to make mistakes, I don't think 3D printing services would be good either.
What would be a good material to use that is cheap, durable, and has premium feel to it? 


What you are describing is pretty subjective to personal taste. I would say most any material is good and can be worked to something that feels good. Is there a texture you are trying to mimic? What is the size of the finished object? Do you have the right tools, techniques and finishes to get the right look and feel out of wood? Post a pic of your "failed" work and we can help you do it right. Even a rotted tree trunk or driftwood can turn out to be a piece of art.


4 years ago

It all depends what you want to make. MDF and Sintra are both easy to shape and finish well.