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Any Ideas On how To (As quickly as possible)Transfer 15GB Of files from one (The Old)Pc to another? Answered

Not to Mention That My Old PC Has like 15KB Left On the HDD,And ITs HDD Has Vitally important files that i need. It Has XP Installed,And The New PC(Referred to In the title as "Another")Has Windows XP/Windows7 Installed. Cd's Would Be wasteful,Even the largest Thumb Drive that i have can Be 1/4 of what i have to transfer,My Largest Thumb drive is 2GB. I Have No other Hardrives,Nor Space for any more either,I Already Have One(40GB,Contains 15+GB Of Important data),A Partition On it(The Partition Came on it when i got the PC,Its 2GB,Not To Mention It Contains 1GB oF important stuff) And a 3GB One(Came from a Windows95 PC,I was Desparate And Contains 1+Gb Of Important data). Any Ideas On How to do it,Quickly? Also,My Budget is $0,Yeah,Fresh out of money,As Usual.



9 years ago

Unless you have single files several gigabytes in size, sneakernet- use the thumb drive a few times. If both computers are connected to a network and have windows XP, use file sharing. Even if they aren't, a crossover cable and a little work can make an ad hoc network as long as they both have wired ethernet hardware.

they are 2 files, one is 10GB and the other is 5GB, Thanks anyways.

Does the old PC have a network card? Could you network connect them and share out the old PC drive? If the old PC only has a 10base-T card it will be pretty slow, but it would do the job . . . eventually.
Whatever you do, it would be worth giving the old PC a really good old clearout of internet cache, temporary files, downloaded Windows updates etc with something like CrapCleaner. If you've never done this before you'll probably get a good few gigs of space reclaimed.

Crapcleaner,Funny :P I Am Planning To Delete the 10GB Of Trash I Have on it, It Did Cost me time to Set that up, But I Can Set it up Again Any time i want The Old PC Does Have A Network Card,Its A Wireless Card,I Have Internet on it and Everything. I am Thinking of Sharing A Folder in my Network On my Old PC,That COntains all of the files,And Then Copy And Paste on the New PC. Though,5GB Took Me a day to transfer...

  • Turn off both computers.
  • Make room in the new machine by unplugging the CD drive or by getting a cable splitter from an old computer waiting for trash pickup.
  • Take the old hard drive out and put it in the new machine, connecting power and data cables. You may also need to use the directions printed on the drive to set its jumper to "cable select" or "slave".
  • Turn on the new computer.
  • Open up My Computer and locate the drives.
  • Drag and drop the contents.

That Would Have been My first option...But The New Computer is a Laptop,With The mini IDE Connector,Not the normal sized one. I Would have to buy an Ide To Mini IDE For it to Work,Not to mention that You can Only Connect One HDD to my Laptop,It has no more connectors for more.

That's Tiny,Its a Tiny Fraction of what i need to transfer


9 years ago

Get a really big thumb drive

That Would Cost At least 30 Dollars,No Money.