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Any Knexers in England? Answered

Any Knexers in England?

If so, please tell me (if you want to), which town you live in. I will tell you that I live in England, Blackpool.


 *raises hand* England based!

I live in England! in a town called kendal

Cool! What town?

I live in Portsmouth.

Sorry.... I was just wondering.

iam a neightbour of england :P

yepp that is cool
and iam to neightbour of belgium and germany

Me, Barrax, Lowney, Loosewire, Jamalam, yerjoking, there are probably others

 im pretty sure barrax is also english

i live in england =) =)


8 years ago

i was born in England and lived there for 3 years

There are a few. Lowney and Jammy are both in england I think. There are more, but those are the ones I know.