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Any chance of some non-computer pranks? Answered

I hope people submit "real" pranks.
I have gotten tired of all the computer hack pranks.
Please do!

(K'nex +string + bucket +water=................. )


You're talking to a group of people who haven't been outside in days, and have an instructables hand imprinted in orange on their corneas from looking at it too long. Sure!

I agree that real pranks should be posted. All these computer ones are lame.

The computer pranks are cool,but there's too many and I am sick of computer pranks.

i entered one that was how to fake the red ring of death on the xbox 360!

thats technically a computer prank....

No consoles are nowhere close to computers even if its just for gaming.

Ah so anything with anything even relevant to computing isn't allowed?

Microsoft makes xbox. Microsoft makes windows. do the math.

Germans make the Shamwow. Germans made the Holocaust. do the math.

I dont know anything about Shamwow, but I will look it up.... Anyway, the wikipedia definition of a computer Is "a machine that manipulates data according to a list of instructions." PCs and gaming consoles do this.

So do calculators, cell phones, and even digital watches. I guess all pranks dealing with anything modern is a fail?

they are not a fail, they are just not what bartboy is asking for. And there are modern pranks that dont require electronics.

I'm saying, by computers, Bartboy means Personal computers. When you went "Well it's technically computer-ish", you failed in comprehending what he meant.

well, lets ask bartboy what he meant. I think he meant All electronic devices because of what he said in parentheses.

"K'nex +string + bucket +water=.................".

gahh! What I meant was electrical devices that process data.

I have published (last year) at least 2 funny but not harmful pranks...


9 years ago

HEY! I made a instructable that you only need a stick note and it's really good. I don't know if it's out yet.

Throwing short people into trash cans and tying instrument cases up with those plastic ties that are almost impossible to open. I'm not sure if they are pranks , but I still fun to do.

hey I just put one up. plus what good is April fools if it only affects one person in a very short amount of time. they should be able to walk around and not know what happened to them. now that is a good prank

lol someone should enter that the april fools contest! its genious

And most original goes to, "Kick me sign prank"

I won't write an instructable of it, but last year I mailed a letter to my home that read something like: dear mr/mrs "blank" :P your son's school "blank secondary" was subject to mandatory government inoculations (shots) on the week of blah bah blah I went on to put down that the week before lots of people were sick and a few guys died from being given the wrong stuff. And it probably didnt help that I hurt myself during my martial arts class and was actually hurt too. That gave my mom a good scare untill she figured I would write something like that to get her :P We need more pranks like this :)