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Any good Transparent & IR through (not reflect it) Cheap Material? Answered


I am trying to make a setup with using Kinect to see through the transparent projection screen.
For cheap material, I used a transparent plastic vinyl (Greenhouse Covering)
But the Kinect won't see through much of the transparent screen.
Also I think the plastic screen reflects some IR light from Kinect.

BTW, the screen is quite big. 10ft wide, 6ft high

I tried with small solid plastic (CD case), and it worked perfectly, see through IR and no reflection. I don't know why this transparent vinyl sheet won't work...

Is there any cheaper material that is applicable for IR through and less reflective?
should I add extra bigger IR illuminator?

Please help.


Glass, depending on the wavelength.

some plastics allow IR and some don't - just like how some are transparent to visible light and others not.

http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=216368 this discussion has people discussing materials that are transmissive and opaque -- again it depends entirely on what spectrum of IR you're looking at, 800nm -- 3000nm are all 'infrared' but different plastics block different frequencies.