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Any good sites where I can buy add-ons to my Airsoft gun? Answered

I like airsoft and I also like looking at guns on amazon. Each time I look at a cool airsoft gun there's always sweet add-ons (grenade launchers, scopes, lasers...) and when I look it up on amazon, I can't find any good ones for a reasonable price. Where can I find some ?




I'd pick Airsoft GI over Evike, only because many people have had bad experiences with Evike. They generally have about the same price range.

I've heard that Evike is trying to change that reputation, but who knows.


8 years ago

actually shorty usa is good iv gone to both the store and the website and all those things are cheaper there. airsplat everything costs more and iv never herd of evike. go to shortyusa.com

I recommend Shorty USA(.com).

Finally someone mentioned Shorty USA!
They make the best guns and for cheap prices. I bought a $175 Echo 1 M4 there, and everywhere else I looked it was over $250!

Evike is the better choice

Airsplat and kapowwe are good choices.

It's not unrelyible I've bought all my ammo and guns from there and never had a problem.