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Any good software to image A drive? Answered

I need to: Low level, Image a 3GB drive with BeOS installed on it, with, Of course, BeFS. Some programs don't work, as the unknown filesystem does not register a drive in windows, and they seem to be too high level. I want to completely image a drive, connected to my laptop via a USB HDD reading thingy, The boot sector, all the files, and everything. Any suggestions to good(free) software that can easily low level image a drive? Thanks ~ReCreate


I would think partitionmagic could do it - but not in vista of course. If you are stuck with vista - grab a partitionmagic boot disk. I can't be sure, (only thing I'm sure of is that it must exist but I don't know about it) that a bootable ubuntu linux distro would have the tools necessary to see and image the drive.

Last time i checked, i don't think it could do it...

durn... hmmm, I can't think of any others - perhaps norton ghost, or acronis disk tools.


8 years ago

i would make a linux boot disc. install BeFS drivers, and use a linux based cloning tool.

Is that Possible?

does that lead you in the right direction?

Eh...i don't really need to image the drive anymore...Thanks anyways...

what manufacture is the hdd most companies have a llf tool in their downloads section

Try this. The report is good. I've never used it though. And it's free.

They all seem to be too high level, can only clone windows drives...