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Any good songs to play on piano? Answered

this is gonna be my last question for a while cuz i ask too many.... anyways i need a god song to learn on piano.  difficulty doesn't really matter as long as its not like twinkle twinkle little star or anything like that 



5 years ago

It hink you should learn "Black and White Rag" by George Botsford even though it is still sort of on the classical side it is a ragtime therefore it doesn't sound classical! You should listen to it!

Anything by ron pop!!

If you want something almost as silly as Twinkle, try Chopsticks.

If you want something fast and difficult, try Flight of the Bumblebee.

If you want an annoyingly recursive (formerly) pop-culture reference, try Piano Man (Elton John).

If you want something real and serious, try one of Bach's Goldberg Variations.

If you don't like any of those, try http://www.google.com/#hl=en&source=hp&q=piano+sheet+music

sorry man but piano man is done by billy joel.

A bit slow on the uptake, aren't you? AndieXcandie got there a year and half before you.

You're right :-)  They just look so much alike, and have such similar taste in partners ;->

``Let it be ``by the Beatles is a great song to play

Debussy's Claire de Lune

Pachelbel's canon in D is one of my personal favourites, It's a uplifting song to play!

 Let It Be  is really good and also Amoreena by Elton John is a great song but very hard to play


8 years ago

 Thriller by Michael Jackson
hard song, but worth it

Great song!   Nice choice. The only "real" song I learned to play on the piano.

Beethoven's 9th symphony

OK, first of all:
It is my favourite song I can play, and is amazing.


Twilight Princess or Ocarina of time, both are good.

Second, I highly recommend a Beatles song.
I can play "Strawberry Fields Forever", and "You're Going to Lose That Girl".
All of them are great, and they vary in difficulty.

alright i'll look for those next time i go to the music store =).... and strawberry feilds forever is an amazing song =) 

You're lucky,
you can download the Zelda sheet music here:

And yes it is.