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Any idea how to make this? Links invited too.... :) Answered


There are some pics on the link too.. Have a look, I wonder what are the components used.

I know I could do this through AVR too, but I have never been able to get the TSOP work properly..


To build something like it , your circuit will need to do the followingP:

*Demodulate the IR signal (most likely uses IR modulated at 38kHz - 40kHz).
There are components that do this. They include all the circuitry needed to receive IR and output the stream of encoded pulses that comprise the command sent by the remote.
*Decode the command and produce an output if it is a valid command. The output will typically be a 0 to 5V logic signal. The decoding function could be done with a dedicated IC for decoding remotes, or with a microcontroller programmed to decode the signal.
*Turn on or turn off a relay that controlls the household appliance. The logic level output of the microcontroller is able to directly control a solid state relay. Or, it can turn on a transistor which turns onthe coil of an electromechanical relay.

There are many IR decoding and remote control projects on this site and elsewhere to learn from. You could also get an IR decoding/remote control kit, just Google "IR remote control kit".

If you just want one, of course buy the one in the link. But if you are looking to learn more about electronics, the articles on this site are a good start.


7 years ago

For 5 bucks and free shipping why bother to try and make one? Or does it not ship to you? Its a simple Infra red on off switch. a relay and a sensor with a remote are all you need. Plus the socket hardware. I could not build this for twice the price.

Its the entire idea about DIYing, you see...... ;)

It feels better to say "I MADE it!!!" than to say "I bought it!!!" :P

It doesn't feel better when you could have done it cheaper and easier by buying the thing. If you really want to do these things, go and do them and then show us how.
No one else is much inclined not to spend the 5$, so I'm not confident you'll get the answer which you wanted.


;) That doesnt solve the purpose of having a question board on a DIY site.
Moreover, how much would you consider it would cost anyway, when you can find almost all the stuff in your garage..??

What is it? an ir reciever, a uC programmed to decode and output, and a relay..!! couldnt get cheaper..

Ohhh!!! I forgot! An LED and a momentary switch tooo.......

I mean that since you have the inclination to do so, you should figure it out yourself and then show the world...
(It's not a very exciting question, but if you did it it could be very good)


Im sure its an exciting thing to learn about, remote control. Well for me at least. :)

Anyway, that gives me a reason to get my hands on with this.. thanks

Yes, go for it / do it!



7 years ago

@LargeMouthBass : Thanks for that.... Any links for how to code the AVR to 'learn' the signal from the remote.... ???