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Any ideas for a bedroom? Answered

I am a 16 year old who loves math,science,and electronics(and programming).I have to design my new room(a 14'x20' empty space right now) and am out of ideas.I tried searching the site for some cool ideas,but my searching skills are pretty bad and all I could find was some secret hidden compartments(which is more than cool btw),and a study table.My woodworking skills are not very good,but I can get almost anything done with a little help from my awesome neighbour,and I think my knowledge in electronics is decent enough for some basic home automation.Do you have any cool ideas i could work on?Any help would be really appreciated :D

tl;dr  designing room,need ideas


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frollard (author)2013-03-22

Art: fractals. ALL the fractals.
furniture: tetris-block is functional and awesome-al.
'invisible' shelves made of once-real-now-fake books that are hidden-bolted to the wall look awesome (see ible)

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utkarshsinghal (author)frollard2013-03-24

Yes!Fractals would be really awesome.Thanks for the answer!

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Burf (author)2013-03-22
rickharris (author)Burf2013-03-23

A wood or scaffold frame and you have doubled the size of your room.

Make space to study, entertain, relax.


may give you some ideas.

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The problem is,there is already too much space XD
All I can think of are big bookshelves or whiteboards to occupy all the space(I am not the most creative kid out there).I play piano,so maybe a piano too,but still,there is a lot left.But thanks for the answer!

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