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Any ideas for fun summer camp activity to bring in money? Answered

hi, i'm a counselor on a summer camp for teenagers aged 17, but we have a really low budget - any ideas on getting them to do a really fun activity that could also bring in some cash? can we build anything, make anything to sell? cheers!



5 years ago

Have the kids take visitors out in the woods for a hike and then get them lost. Then you can charge them for the rescue efforts to find them and bring them to safety. You should probably clear it with the local authorities first.

Joking aside, you could run a challenge for them to find their own way , a survival hike. Charge an entry fee which will get refunded depending on how long it takes them to get back, a percentage per hour.

By the way, each contestant needs to have a camp member along as a monitor and safety person and that is why you require a fee, they need to get compensated for their expertise.

Paracord stuff....guys love that lol

It really depends on what materials, tools and skills you have available, as well as how quickly you will be selling them (cookies need to be sold quickly, bird boxes can be put in storage as long as you like).

It also depends on who you expect to buy them - parents? Random strangers?

And... Where and how will you be selling them? Mail order? Road-side stall? eBay?

i guess i didn't really give much information

i suppose someone could lay out the money and we could pay them back, so we don't necessarily need to sell really quickly - but of course, it's always a risk, so preferably we'd like to be able to sell in a couple of days

in so far as materials tools and skills: i personally have some drills, saws, etc, but by and large we'd either have to buy materials or find them - and i'm assuming that these guys don't have any particular communal skill.

also, they're teenage guys, i don't think they'd really want to bake and sell cookies - besides, i'd eat them before they got sold (i understand it was just an example - just letting you know who's on the camp)

we'll have about 10-15 guys (it's a small camp), and how to sell them is a bit up in the air - there's a large market-type place nearby, and we also know lots of people in the community - perhaps something helpful around the home?

i really appreciate your interest - thank you!

Bird boxes are a good option, easy to build and personalise.

You could carve numbers into slices of branches, paint in the carving and sell them as door numbers.

Rick's jewellery idea is good, especially for a market-place.

Jewellery made from natural materials (lots of ideas on web)
garden ornaments
Greeting cards
Auction of promises