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Any ideas for making a vibrating dog collar? Answered

My dog is deaf and I need to make a collar for her that vibrates and also makes a tone for me to hear. I don't want anything like the bark collars that spray or shock, I don't want me calling her to be a negative action. Any ideas?


Why Senior Remedy Workers Alter Careers The primary notion is to use the guts of a radio remote managed toy vehicle as a will mean to flip on and off a vibrator fixed to the dog's collar. The automotive has all sorts of things you really want---hand held radio transmitter/actuator, minor radio receiver with antenna, and a tiny motor that sorts the basis of the vibrator. I bought the least really expensive remote controlled toy car I could track down. There is a wide assortment available, each presenting several styling and each providing totally different remote command solutions., but all you really want is the easiest and most economical. The 1 I used charge about $ten. Its remote manage feature was highly limited. When you turned the auto on (There's an on-off change on the auto.) it ran ahead constantly. When you pulled the trigger on the remote handle unit, the car's course reversed. In this individual automotive (and in all likelihood most other individuals, while I'm not an expert) the battery, receiver electronics and on-off switch ended up all most suitable following to each other in a plastic assembly which I 'extracted'. Fundamentally, I broke the automobile apart till this was all that was left. You want these elements to occupy as little room as possible considering that they will be hanging on your dog's bark collar. I also 'extracted' the motor, and epoxied a small-scale piece of metal to the facet of its shaft. The concept is to repair one thing to the shaft that will trigger the motor to be out of stability so that when it runs it will shake (vibrate). Nearly anything will do the trick, even a pebble. You can consider a few issues by to start with fixing them to the shaft with tape to get a really feel for no matter whether or not there's adequate vibration. Heavier things will lead to greater vibrations. I set the motor in a plastic 35mm film canister -- you can get them free of cost at any photograph retailer-- and stuffed some paper in to maintain it in spot. The battery/receiver/on-off switch assemblies, and the vibrator, are sewn onto a collar. It's most likely perfect to sew the antenna in too, and not have it stick up exactly where it may well get in the dog's way. That's what Miranda did and it operates good. If the remote managed vehicle you started off with is ordinarily stopped and only runs when activated, then you're completed. In my instance, the car ran all the time, and reversed when activated, i.e., the motor ran all the time, only modifying route. Consequently, it vibrated all the time, irrespective of whether the actuator was pressed or not. In order to prevent it from working ahead continuously, and only working (in this instance backward, but who cares, all you want to do is have it turn) when activated, I set a diode in series with a single of the prospects to the motor. You can decide to purchase diodes at Radio Shack for much less than a buck. Try the diode in every lead to the motor, and in every route in every lead, till you hit on the best lead and course to do what you want. If this looks to arduous to do, uncover a car that is in most cases stopped, and only runs when activated

get one of thos small remot contron cars take it apart and take of one of the motor add a small speaker RIGHT VOLITG the other motor put a dot of glue gun on it ore somthing uneaven u can put it in a small tube and tie or glut gin on this is what i used for my dog

you could use a normal dog collar and simply add few cell phone vibrators and a wireless reciver to operate it.

not to be gross... but try a remote controlled vibrating "egg" from an adult novelty store... ie Adamand Eve....  they have a wireless one that would do exactly what youre looking for without having to spend money on cellphone minutes. plus the vibration of the thing is pretty strong so im sure there is voltage to spare to hook a small speaker up to it. good luck... power to the pooches

You could buy a cheap gophone or tracphone and set it to vibrate, place it on her, and then simply train her buy "calling" her via cell phone, and then immediately giving her a treat. Then gradually increase the distance between you call and treat her when she comes to you, and then phase out the treats gradually over time. You'll be able to bring her to you from any where she could find you at.


8 years ago

if you want to get her attention at night, use a flashlight.  In the house, I stomp on the floor.  If she is not to far from you in the house, click a light on and off. they are sensitive to that.  try deafdog.org for more info

  put the motor from a pager or vibrating toothbrush in a plastic case, hook up a battery and a button switch... but then u would be close enough to touch her...

You could take apart a VCR or other thing with remote control and use the receiver to activate the pager motor.

Ideas of small vibrating products that you could possibly take apart & modify - toothbrushes, mascaras, Fusion razor, etc.  Maybe you can add them into a handmade collar.  As far as the tone, etc?  Sorry no ideas as of now.  Good luck!  Let us know what you come up with : )

i got one well why not run electirical curret thourgh ur dog coller and there u have a viabrateing dog coller plus it works a 99.9% chance of working

hook up a double-a battery to a buzzer then hook on a on and off switch then tape those items to the leash.

Use a Macgyverism! Take a pager and duct tape it to the collar. Or you can make a circuit that connects a motor with weights to an ir receiver and a speaker so its like using a remote control on your dog.

A couple of micromotors with an weight on the end should be OK for an vibrator device.


A walky talke or some sort of communication device viabrates and when you make a deadline or it goes out of area it beeps back to the other one and thechager station. Just take out the calling and viabrate part then attach to collar

Actually, using an old cell phone is a great idea because there's a lot of types of holders that are meant to fit on belts (collars) and different sounds produce different vibrations. It would be relatively easy to teach the dog to respond to a number of signals with that. Plus, it would give true meaning to the expression, "calling your dog" - love it!


not free....but here's a list of pre-made vibrating collars specifically for training deaf dogs


they even have instructions on gutting an RC car to make your own

i wish i could remember the name of the brand that cesar milan used on the one episode....i researched it after i saw the episode and it's got something like a 1.5 mile range and you can do multiple dogs from one remote

get a cheap phone that vibrate and clip it on a dog collar. "call" the dog .

Wow, where'd you ever find a vibrating dog? That is so cool! ;)


9 years ago

Interface something like a "Clapper" to detect the sound of you claping your hands (which is also a visual cue for the dog), and the vibrator motor from a pager or cell phone.

take a shock collar and remove the transformer or capacitor and it should give a bout 1-2 v enough to drive a motor

and like said a peizo speaker can easly be attached

. You should be able to modify a shock collar so that it turns on a vibrator (a la cell phones) and piezo speaker instead of the shocker.