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Any ideas for metal crutches? Answered

I seem to have accumulated several crutches. I would like to find a way to use them. Any ideas?


Donate them to goodwill etc. so someone who needs them can get them.

.  Most excellent idea. There should be a non-profit that can put them to good use in most areas.

YES , take them to trift store or salvatin army. it is really hard trying to find 6' tall crutches.

Plant them! Use them to help hold up plants in the garden.

A friend of mine used to make tripods out of them, for telescopes, and for other things.


8 years ago

I took mine to the scrap yard.......I can't help myself!
  Before I did I notices a 26" front bike tire would fit where the handle goes.  The pin that holds the handle fit the quick release.
  It would make a good "light weight" bike trailer and I'd break that.  Then it went to the scrap yard.