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Any ideas for using hardened plumber's putty? Answered

I bought a tub of this to fix my sink and only used a tad.  Despite it saying "Will not separate, harden, or crack" it does all that.  Unfortunately, they don't give warranties with this stuff, so I was left with a life time's supply of plumber's putty that is hardening as I speak.  Please, if you have ANY ideas on how to use this or soften it, do pass them along.  Thanks!  :)    =^..^=


If it was REAL putty then:


If not totally hard add linseed oil and mix to soften.

If you can recover nay wrap tightly in plastic bag for storage it's the evaporation of the linseed oil that hardens it.

The rest is just whiting (mainly chalk or lime)

In fact even with hard putty you may be able to grind the whitening down to a fine powder and add linseed oil.

Modern products may use different materials but normally come in a caulk gun rather than a tub.


4 years ago

The same happens all the time. I have found that if you take a chunk of the hard stiff putty and put it into very very hot hot water and let it sit for about 3 minutes and then pour out the water and knead the putty it will come back to the new original softness.

The only thing that I know of that will soften up hardened plumbers putty is linseed oil. Pour some on top and close the container for a few days, then stir it up and then let sit some more (depending on the size of the container).

In the future, take the stuff out of the container when you're done using it and put it in a resealable bag and get all the air out before you close it. Vacuum sealing bags will work better. You can always put the bag inside the container.

I forgot to mention that you could also use flaxseed oil because linseed oil (also known as flaxseed oil) comes from the flax plant. But if you don't want to use that, and you just plan on replacing the container, then I'd just use the putty as a medium to create something. Think of it like a modeling clay and carve something out of it. Its better than throwing it out. :)

Maybe adding mineral spirits to it will make it good again.