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Any ideas how to fabricate and steampunk a sawed off dbl bbl shotgun? Answered

I want to fabricate a steampunk style double barrel sawed off shotgun, of similar appearance to the shotgun from the road warrior and mad max beyond thunderdome. Can anyone give me some ideas?


Be careful sawing off shotguns. If you get the barrel less than "18, it's a federal crime. Federal agents have KILLED the family members of those accused of having a shotgun cut a little too short. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_Ridge

But to steam-punk it, I'd copper/brass coat the trigger, hammers, and any exposed screws or bolts.

Oh, ok. I thought you were talking about a real one. For a steampunk fake gun, I guess I'd use a couple of pipes, pretty hardwood an plenty of brass.

i've seen it, and it wasnt that great, but it did give a couple ideas