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Any ideas what you may build with this components? Answered

One of my friends wanna sell it, wondering what you can do with this staff?
Check pics



The components  with the red wires sticking out of them "almost"  look like old automobile (ignition) condensers,  except they have two wires instead of just the one (the body of the condenser served as a pole).   But they are definitely  capacitors (the old name for a capacitor, i.e. a condenser, hung around in the automobile industry).

The part (shown just before the two fans blades) appears to be a motor (115 vAC) but it is difficult to determine from a picture, what it's output turn ratio would be.  If it is an overhead fan motor,  it would be much different then, say if it were a clock motor.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention if you like doing this kind of stuff, try my homemade tv transmitter from random devices. It is super easy to build, though i could use some improvement. Give it a try and leave me some comments about it. Thanks.

Using the shaded pole motor, it is possible to make a small pure sine wave ac generator that could power a pc, monitor, and vcr at the same time. I think you cut out the shaded poles,(the thick looping coper wire that shorts itself by the motor) and using a weed eater engine to power it. I am working on something like that put alot more powerful, like 4500 watts more.

OK, what have you dismantled?
I see a transformer, some motors and other bits that look like you could blow-air.


The metal can (third pic in from the left) looks like an 8 uF capacitor  with a 10% tolerence.

You know your stuff - "noise"-suppression?


Hmm, yes maybe....especially if it is out of an older radio or something with a noisy power supply. The transformer looks familiar, but I can't "place it", just now. The cap COULD be a motor starter cap too.

It's motor-stuff I'm sure.
On a different matter - did you shift that ticket you needed to sell?


So far, the person I sent it too (surprise surprise) did not pay for it. I was hoping he was going to be at least honest enough to pay me "something" for it......but I have seen nothing as of yet.

Oh Cack.
Go through a trusted-3rd party next time. (and "dob"-him in to the conference, they might throw him out...?)


Well, IF I sold it to someone that I KNEW would get there before he would, he would not be let it.....since they are not "assigned" to anyone.

So it was a two way, who trusts who situation.....I decided to trust him since I was going to lose the money one way or another......but he may pay still... we shall see :-)

That's good logic, you'd make a wise gambler.


Thanks.....my wife thinks I was "crazy" but I couldn't get her to understand that it was impossible for me to guarrantee to someone that I would not sell them the "ticket" and then get ther before they did and invalidate their ticket (while mine would be good, being the first one in). Since I couldn't do this, no one that did not know me, could trust me. The only way I saw to get someone to "possibly" pay me for the ticket would be so show them trust by sending the ticket ahead of time. She still thinks I was crazy though....*shrug*

I just got an email from him...he FULLY intends to pay me, so he says. We shall see :-)