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Any one from the eastern side of PA? Answered

I just moved out to PA and Im looking for friends. Anyone live near Philly?


I live in Eastern PA. Chester County? Where do you live?

I live in Royersford- HA not even sure what county... lol do you know?

To tell you the truth, I have never heard of Royersford.

Yes, I have definitely heard of that town. Itsn't the Yuengling Brewery There?

HA, I have NO idea. I haven't lived here long.

WHOLE state over XD, cool to see that people actually exist near North Carolina though :P.

I have "driven" through NC, but tend not to get that far south often. Virginia is enough of a drive for me lately :-) Have been to old Williamsburg a few times.

Lancaster County here.

Lancaster provides my area with great shopping...and a loss to a Manheim Township lacrosse team.

Ah well, way back when I went to school, it was Penn Manor (down towards Millersville) but I have relatives that went to Manheim ;-)

but i think your a bit old to be my friend im 13

No, sorry. L