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Any one know the pros and cons of a salt water system for an aboveground pool? Answered

I have an above ground pool 16' by 4' and I need to know if I should or should not use a saltwater system. Things I need to know: Is it... cheaper (than a chlorine based system) easier (than a chlorine based system) how expensive the unit is a few specific brands to look at any other tips you guys have



Best Answer 9 years ago

I used to have a pool (inground) as a child, and we used salt.

Salt is EXCELLENT for a pool for a few reasons:

Chlorine needs to be replenished regularly, because it 'evaporates' into the atmosphere. Salt on the other hand is ionic - it stays in the water (excepting when its splashed out of the pool) When water evaporates, the salt becomes more concentrated, leaving the same amount of salt in the pool.

Salt is *99% of the time* better for your skin than pool-chlorine. Anyone whose swam at the YMCA after day-camp knows, (they put extra in to counteract the extra kid-crap) - pool chlorine burns. I find salt hurts your eyes more, but that seems a personal opinion, my friends never seem to have a problem with salt. Salt biologically cleans wounds too :D (or helps clean them).

Salt needs testing and balancing as often as chlorine, and is more expensive to install initially.

Oh yeah, and you float better - good for kids learning to swim :D

I thought it would be a little more expensive but I cant find the one my pool brand makes and recommends for my pool. lol frollard that salt concentration is half that of a fresh water stream. I do research to. but it was funny

the salt concentration should be 'salty' - not as much as the ocean, but still able to be tasted (from my experience). If you can taste salt in your local freshwater stream, theres a problem, a big problem :D


7 years ago

All the same, for many people the another benefits of salt water swimming pools make a powerful case. For example, salt water tends to be far softer and thus less drying on the skin than chlorinated water. PH balance isn't as important to monitor. Rinsing your hair and swimming costumes to avoid discoloration becomes less important. For a lot of, saying goodbye to stinging eyes and running noses from the harsh chemical fumes of chlorinated water is cause enough to install a salt chlorinator.

More info: http://saltwaterswimmingpools.blogspot.com

Salt water systems are suppose to be very nice. I believe the initial set up might be more expensive. but it's nice to swim in, and no red chlorine eyes.