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Any possibility to capture or record Blockbuster videos? Answered

I was wondering if you guys know if there is any possibility to capture or record Blockbuster videos and movies?
I was thinking just the other day that it would be great if I could capture and convert blockbuster videos for ipod or something like that so I could watch some movies when I'm going away on vacation.
Maybe this idea is far fetched anyways, but I would be curious to take a look at a couple of ways to capture or record Blockbuster videos, if these exist of course.

Any help would be very appreciated.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Well, if videos from blockbuster on demand are protected, the best solution for you is to use a screen recorder, which could record your desktop, so the movie is playing.

I use a software of this kind, but never for Blockbuster, but for hulu, it's Tunebite, it can used as a Blockbuster Downloader and Converter, because it can convert the videos directly into the video formats you want. It's pretty nice because it gives you the possibility to get as many movies as you want from any movie websites, even from streaming online movies websites, so it's very useful.

The best part is that it's easy to use and it has so many features, so if you get it, you will not use it just to capture, record or download movies from internet, but also you can download music, convert all the audio and video files you have to other formats you need, it doesn't matter if the files are protected or not, it can convert all of them.

Anyway, I'd suggest to see for yourself some of its features here

Hope this will help you, because I find Tunebite Video Downloader and Converter very useful...

Ok so I've taken a look at that Tunebite Video Downloader and Converter, indeed it seems like a pretty useful app not necessarily for its features to record, convert and save Blockbuster movies but for the fact that I could also use it to capture, download and save streaming videos from  a lot of video websites.

But anyways thanks again for  you good suggestion to use this Tunebite Video Downloader and Converter to capture and convert Blockbuster on demand for ipod,  will definitely put it to good use since anyway this is the only decent solution to my problem I have come across lately.

Hmmm, Tunebite Video Downloader and Converter? Well, never heard of this app but I'll take it since it's probably the most decent suggestion on what to use to record or capture Blockbuster movies I've heard lately plus I don't really feel like browsing through all sorts of screen capture apps and to install on the pc apps that don't even work to capture Blockbuster movies. Thanks for your suggestion, I'll take a look at this Tunebite app and see how it goes for me to record and convert a Blockbuster movie for my Ipod. It's definitely good that this one can also convert Blockbuster movies for Ipod, this way I don't have to also find an Ipod converter for the job. I do hope it's easy to use.

Hi guys, have you ever thought that you can capture and record movies from blockbuster with a screen capture software? I don't know sure because I didn't try this before, this is the first time I saw a question about how to capture and record blockbuster videos, but I was thinking that if the blockbuster dvds are protected and the on demand service is protected and the movies cannot be saved directly to your pc, in my opinion a software which can capture your desktop activity could also capture the movies you're watching on blockbuster on demand service, right? So, why don't you try this method first and then if doesn't work you can try the one with the video camera, which I don't think is a good method, it's like you're record a movie at the cinema and the quality is awful.

Well yeah of course if you try and record blockbuster movies with the camera while they play on the pc or whatever you'll get crappy quality. But that idea to record or capture blockbuster on demand movies with some screen capture app does sound more interesting. Although dunno, what kind of screen capture app should I try first? Are there any specific screen capture apps that have special features to record Blockbuster movies or any ordinary screen capture app will also do the job? How do I find out which is the best screen capture app I can try and see how good it can record Blockbuster on demand?

Rofl! you guys are insane, I mean c'mon, capture Blockbuster videos with popcorn?:)))))

This is indeed something new.

On a more serious note , I actually though you wanted to find out how to capture or record or whatever blockbuster movies from dvds, it never crossed my mind you were really asking how to capture or record blockbuster on demand movies.

Anyways, I don't think there's much difference cause it's probably also not possible to record blockbuster on demand movies, if they have protection on their movie dvds then most likely  there must be some sort of protection on blockbuster on demand movies.

Sorry to burst your bubble...again :D

Yeah, very funny guys. Don't mind me if I'm not on the floor laughing. But say could I capture Blockbuster movies with some peanut butter maybe? Cause I'm fresh out of popcorn and candy....:)) Do u think they'll bite that?

Anyways, yeah well I was rather thinking of a more efficient way to capture or record blockbuster movies than actually setting up a  video camera in from of the pc or tv or whatever and capture videos and movies from Blockbuster with it.
I was hoping that maybe there was some option I could record or capture blockbuster on demand movies and then transfer them on the ipod, but something simpler anyways.

 lol, that's the best advice or answer ever.. :))
But still I guess you have a point here, I think that with a video camera you will be able to capture videos and movies from Blockbuster. And then you should download the movie from your camera on your pc, convert the blockbuster movie to the format you need for your ipod with an online video converter, because it's free, and here you go: you'll have a movie from Blockbuster on your ipod. :d
Or if this method doesn't work, try the ones jeff suggested to you. :)


8 years ago

When hunting Blockbuster videos, the best way to capture one is to set out some bait.  A little bit of popcorn sprinkled on the ground, or perhaps come nibs or other bite sized candy will do.  Then, hide behind a tree and wait for a Blockbuster video to walk by.  When it stops to eat the candy, capture it with a net!

A more humane past time is recording Blockbuster videos.  In this case, bait with candy as before, but hide a short distance away with a video camera.  Once you have recorded enough footage, you can transfer it to your iPod and enjoy the graceful beauty of the Blockbuster video wherever you go!

As far as I know there is no possibility to capture or record Blockbuster videos or movies, because indeed, the movies are protected on dvds and I guess that the Blockbuster on demand service is also protected so I don't think that you can be somehow able to capture and record movies from Blockbuster.

Still, have you search for another way to transfer the movies from blockbuster to your ipod, or can you watch Blockbuster.com directly to your ipod?

Hmm , maybe this guy might have a point with his idea on how to capture or record blockbuster videos and movies, this if you feel like building the stuff mentioned in that instructable.

If not, I pretty much doubt it you'll manage to capture blockbuster movies since they probably must have some sort of protection on their dvds, plus don't forget you'll also need to find a way to convert blockbuster movies for ipod so I for one say it's a bit of a waste to even bother to capture or record blockbuster videos and movies for ipod.