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Any project ideas for a broken 50 inch plasma TV? Answered

I have a 50 inch Hitachi P50T501A plasma tv, and unfortunately, the screen is broken. The outer screen is still intact, just the plasma screen is broken. I have a few ideas for it, but thought I'd ask the Instructable masses for some cool ideas.


if you are creative paint the screen in whatever manner abstract to portrait work and you will have a very expensive and totally one of a kind piece of art with frame already to go:D


2 months ago

make a touch screen interactive table top

Just keep looking at craigslist for someone with a similar tv they want to give away FREE because they are on craigs list ALL THE TIME.. maybe not your exact model... but people get rid of tv's all the time because the price to fix them is a lot.  Look at the FREE section on craigs list and look at cities close enough for you to drive to... (dont limit yourself to just YOUR city).   Post some WANTEDs for that model also.  When you get one, just trade parts!
This will cost you almost ZERO DINERO!  Good Hunting. 


9 years ago

Pretend to launch a Wii controller through it then post it to YouTube and entitle the video "FUNNIEST VIDEO EVER OMFG LOL PMSL LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and you will get 100 million views every day and you will be the coolest person ever.

You need to videotape yourself totally wrecking it. Then post the footage on metacafe.

Buy a new screen, or salvage all the parts from it.

If you're into that stuff.

Or throw it off the 2nd story..