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Any suggestions for projects or other uses for these things I salvaged? I have a motor, capacitor, and bike chain. Answered

I was working for a man from my church doing some yard work. We were about to go to the dump and he had a perfectly functional garage door motor he was about to throw out. the problem was that a plastic gear had been completely stripped. Not wanting to see it go to waste I asked if I could have it so he gave it to me. I used the main base plate for making some homemade knives but I would like some suggestions for other uses or projects. (have know idea what the capacity of the capacitor is, all I know is that as you can see in the pictures it is rather large. Any help with this info would be greatly appreciated.)



8 years ago

Wow, there's all sorts of fun to be had with a garage door motor.  Is there anything you'd like to move or open automatically?  If yes, then you're in luck!  You've already got the motor!  ;)

The capacitor belongs with the motor, use the motor for something fun.


My first impulse (after getting a replacement gear and using it to open a garage door)  would be to use it to drive an animatronic Halloween display. You could make the hugest, most epic Flying Crank Ghost of all time with a motor like that.