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Any suggestions on a good power source for an AC electromagnet? Answered

I am building an AC electromagnet as a part of a science project. I'm unsure of what to use for a power source that will safe and function properly. The end result of the project should cause a metal ring to "jump" off of a pole and into the air.. To do this, I need to be able to charge the coil (it only needs to charge for a second, literally). So, if anyone knows of a source with some type of on/off switch or button, that would be great, but I am open to any and all suggestions!


You're actually building an iron-core inductor.

The ring-flinger is usually done directly on-line, straight into the mains supply. Ideally, you want to arrange a relay to trigger the coil briefly.

With the right design, you can even get the ring to hover for a few seconds - it my melt if you do it too long



6 years ago

Have look here...



6 years ago

If all you want is a momentary surge then the best thing to use would be a capacitor bank.