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Any suggestions on how to build a rotating solar sunflower? Answered

Any suggestions on how to build a rotating sunflower (span of about 3 or 4 feet) to hang on a wall (sunflower will be made of fabric or perhaps a sticker image on foam)? It's in front of a series of large windows, so I'd like it to be solar powered. I was thinking of working with toy motors, but I think the RPMs would be way too fast - I'd like it to move fairly slow, maybe completing a full rotation in about 10 seconds or so. Any suggestions on what type of motor/solar combination (and where I can get these items) would be great. I'm trying to mount these on walls (multiple numbers of them in different sizes).


You can gauge where the sun is in the sky by using an array of light dependant resistors around the base of the lazy susan, and have the motors rotate so the solar panel and/or sunflower are facing the sun.

Obviously bear in mind the solar panel could not be on the other side

Do one of the model servo hacks to make it turn constantly, and inherit a neat little gearbox. Make a belt drive from that to a big disk on your rotating design - put a lazy susan bearing on the disk, to support everything for yoy,