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Any thoughts on a Good Video Editor?? Answered

I need to do some Editing with MP-4 Videos. I've been using Cyber link power director (Came free with my laptop) and I've been having some quality / Storage space issues. Seems like every time I edit a video it will take an extra %30 more space and turn out a bit blurry :( I'm fairly sure it's because I am using a format it wasn't designed for. Seems it's doubling the Bit rate and halving the Screen Resolution.

( I have No Control of either)  Eventually I want a HD version for me and streaming version for YouTube, to host the Vid for my I'ble

So I'm looking for a (Preferably Free) Alternative. I'm not looking for Editing Options so much as Functional Quality.

I'm using a Galaxy S3. Starts are in the Pic I included


The free versions of Lightworks are limited to 720p if that is enough go for it.

Otherwise there is a completely free software available from videosoftdev.


Just use the custom installation and untick all bloatware and adware the programs asks to install.

Well I guess I'll try re-shooting in 720P :'(

If nothing else I can see what it looks like !

The one from Videosoftdev is not limited to resolutions and has a lot of potential.

But Lightworks is the clear leader in the field as many Hollywood movies would just look bad without it.

However, 720P is more than enough, especially if the focus is correct.

Keep in mind that not so long ago we could only dream about creating movies in high definition.

Especially for screen use here it is more than enough, I would even say 480P is still plenty unless you really have to get all details from a distance.


In the End i wound up just reshooting in the Vid in the Res my editor uses, It will do for now. I'm going to try the videosoftdev one for a longer Extended cut ( I have 22min of fotage in all :D)

Lightworks Free has become my go-to editor. Be aware that the free license is only valid if the produced work is non-commercial. That means no Youtube monitization without upgrading to the paid version, if that was something you were considering.

You shouldn't have to re-shoot, it will cut the resolution when you export but if that is giving sub-par results then re-shooting might help.

Good point ! It's not monetized (Yet), But eventually I may go that route. I was looking for price and don't see it. What would the full version set me back?

Well that's the same boat I'm in (not currently monetized but with potential) and my plan is to just pay up for the pro version if I ever make enough off of the videos to cover the cost. I'll have to look later but I think the price is a few hundred dollars.


3 years ago

I really like Kdenlive, however, it is mainly for linux. I have not found any official or ported version for windows yet. To get an idea of how much I can do with it look at some of my videos on electronics on my youtube channel, Power Max.

Unfortunately the only lunix machine I have is a doorstop >.< Thanks for the thought :)


3 years ago

I use a program from Serif called Movie Plus. It's not free but Serif's Liscensing allows for it to be resold to someone else. So you might be able to find an older version on eBay. Often people will update to the latest one and sell the older one.

At $80 I may try the free version on another project, Thanks !