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Any tips on winterizing a boon-docking travel trailer with no electricity? Answered

We've bubble wrapped our windows, covered vents, need a trailer skirt, but what else to keep warm?


Radiant Barrier products

Old egg cartons make good insulators, and you can paint them if you want. Perhaps a discarded pool solar blanket to put over the trailer on extremely cold days? Insulate the underneath from outside, we used pink insulation and plastic sheet to cover it. Also stuff insulation inside the bottom cupboards - especially the one under the bed, and any outside storage spaces. If they are being used, line them first with styrofoam sheets then put your stuff in them. Make sure all holes where pipes and wires come in are sealed, especially under the bathroom sink. Take any drawers out and insulate the wall behind them and the floor. Don't forget safety - if you have a propane furnace, stove or fridge, you need to make sure you have proper ventillation, which means access to 2 windows or 2 vents or 1 window and a vent for cross draft. Just a little crack (about 1/4 inch) and it really doesn't let that much cold in. We had a 16' trailer with a little window up high in the bathroom and at the end of the bunk bed which we would crack open. If your head is at that end when sleeping, put a covering on your head to prevent getting a draft (a toque or even just a t-shirt) If you have a furnace, better to leave it on low so everything stays warm and creates radiant heat. Also, If you let the trailer get cold each time before turning it on, you will get condensation on walls which means anything touching the walls will get wet - i.e. bedding, clothes in the closet, toilet paper in the bathroom LOL. Leave cupboard, closet and bathroom doors open a crack so the insides also get warm. Winter camping is the best - enjoy

A question for you -- did you use a trailer skirt on your trailer and if so, how much did that help with keeping out the cold?

Wow -- I can tell you have had the interesting experience of living in a trailer. Thank you so much for all the great information. It will definitely be helpful -- can't wait to get it all done!

use Spray on insulation foam directly on the inside of the trailer walls

Do you mean make an opening between the walls and trailer frame and spay insulation foam between them?

Yes, unless you can remove the wall, spray and put the wall back in place. You can open part of the wall and spray in the foam. A LITTLE goes a long way.

touch the walls / floor / roof etc. any of them noticably cold ? insulate it add more layers to what you allready did is there sun ? heat water in it with solar panel and store in tank. at night move the tank inside and connect to radiator if you can have a car battery in there and way to charge it its not bad source of elctricity

As far as insulating the trailer walls, floor, and roof, how would you go about it? For the floor, would you attach insulation underneath the trailer and then cover securely? We can't pull off the walls or ceiling so would you just hang thermal curtains or what? Never done this before. Solar water heater is a great idea.

you can attach from either side. i'd attach from inside on walls and roof and any side of floor also cover the trailer from outside with something that has distance between it ant the trailer walls. that'll keep the walls dry and stop evaporation that chills a thermal isolator is air. add 1 inch layer of any packaging materials that have lots of small air cells to fireproof it (plastic makes very toxic gases when burning and can intoxicate people inside the trailer in case of small fire) cover the isolation from outside with aluminium foil. dont let the foil touch or get near uninsulated parts - it will conduct cold from them

Thank you for your information -- very much appreciated.