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Any tips or tricks to obtain free or buy cheap land in the pacific northwest ? Answered

I'd like to give up the silicon valley and move on my own land somewhere that is suitable for an off the grid cabin/year round home. Ideal land would be suitable for small family sized garden, be near fresh water and not be a total snow pile like in klamath falls in the winter. 2000 feet above sea level or lower would also be ideal for what I'm looking for. But I'm sure others might like to know how other people have gone off the grid without having to save money for 20 years just to get there.


Unless you are independently wealthy or capable of being your own boss...It is not a good place to move to...The wages are about 8-10dollars an hour. .It takes two incomes to live here." the chances it will be within driving distance to a job is very narrow! Idaho is a Right to Work state....no unions no union wages...they can fire you with no reason and there is no such thing as seniority.. Many Many people have moved here that figure this is the place for the wealthy to play...They have just about frozen us old folks and locals out!...If your home is not up to code for the newer homes around it you will have to fight to keep it...All in All it is a big Hassle. I even had a Code officer tell me I could NOT have auto parts on my property..Auto parts bring vermin!~~ Yes..It brought HIM....The hunting and fishing is really cruddy here also....we have so many wolves our deer and elk population is about destroyed..I don't know what has done it to the fish.... If you have school aged children. I think the best way is to home school..None of the schools I have been involved with are decent..If they have a kid with problems it is easier to kick him out of school on some trumped up charge...than it is to help the kids.... Just my input, I've lived In North Idaho, off and on most of my life..The leading industries used to be logging and mining..we have no leading industries any more...

A good place to look for land auctions is bid4assets.com. I used to see acres and acres going for cheap there. At the time I frequented the site, most large lots (> 5 acres) were being offered in the West and Southwest. Descriptions included phrases such as "Water: Yes, dig for your own"; Utilities/roads: yes, in the area" (or words to that effect). There were times when I saw old military bases being offered. Once saw one of these bases sold for around $5k (located in Pac No'West consisted of at least 10 acres if I recall correctly, and lots of underground tunnels and storage areas, large enough for tractor trailers). Thought I saw same property being (or one very similar) some days later being resold on eBay; bid at the time was around $1mil (no kidding). Note that at that site, any auction being offered by US Marshalls' Service or Treasury Dept usually have high starting bids. The land I mentioned were usually sold by private firms and included area photos and plat maps, and annual tax costs. Starting bids were pocket change. If/when bidding, make sure you are NOT just bidding on down-payment or taking over a mortgage/financing (as is the case with soome land/property auctions there)

I bought 5 acres in Red Oak, Oklahoma for $1,500 six years ago. Taxes are $13/yr. I'd bet now is the time to start looking, since people are trying to unload anything extra they have such as property. Believe it or not, I bought the 5 acres off eBay and I'm proud of the deal that I found. A pal of mine saw how I did it and bought land in Texas the same way. I have also seen outstanding deals in classifieds. If you're looking to build a log cabin, then buy property that has a lot of tall, straight trees. Then, the main building materials are already on-site, so not only are they cheaper, but you don't have to burn any gas to get them there. If you're looking to make an off-grid home, then you can buy property virtually anywhere since you won't need electricity lines, but make sure that there's a road, trail or other access. You don't want to have to make a heli-pad.