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Any way to always go to full site on mobile site? Answered

I have been on the mobile site a lot recently and every time I go to the site it is the mobile version (I like the nonmobile site better)
Is there a way to permanently  go to only the computer site?


If you are using a mobile device, the default setting of the site is "mobile", but most devices have an option in their browser settings to automatically request the desktop site.

If you still haven't found a browser setting to do it, you could always use an anonymizer, that way the site won't know you're on a phone (or anything else about you for that matter).

I know this is a little late but when you click on url your favorites pop up. Pull down and it will give you two options. One is "Add to favorites" and the second is the one you want which is "Request mobile site"

AFAIK only through your browser settings.