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Any way to remove a broken screw? Answered

Please, it's urgent. I've broken a metal cross-head screw, there is nothing for the screwdriver to cling to. I cannot preform the hammer method due to the object the screw is stuck in being plastic, and I can't afford to break the plastic. Please, I need you to help me. Dylan P.S This is a nerf gun (the hornet) and the screw is near the cocking mechanism.



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get hold of a nail(the metal kind of course), a lighter, a strong magnet(possibly from those toys with metal balls and plastic sticks), and a pair of pliers. use the pliers to hold the head of the nail against the screw and start heating the nail with the lighter. after a while the screw will start wiggling because it has become hot enough to soften the plastic around it. at that point you try to pull out the screw with the magnet, but you have to be fast: if the magnet gets to hot it will reach it's curie point(the point where it is no longer magnetic) I have used this technique when pulling broken screws out of old drywall and it works fairly well :D

Okay, I'll try tomorrow. I noticed you've read my other posts, and yours looks the most promising. Congratulations, you've answered my question!

I need help i was taking a shower and went to turn the handle and the screw that goes in the that tiny little pipe broke in half so the part where the screwdriver goes is gone and im left with the other half any solutions on how to fix???

I have a Sega Genesis multi game controller and I believe that the screw is broken. I only have one screw left to open but I couldn't get it to work. I tried multiple screwdrivers but nothing seems to work. It is one of those screws that are in a pocket so I don't really want to damage it. I don't want to damage the plastic at all though. Can anybody help me?

my plastic cooler nuts are rusted and slipped. Can not open it .Please help.

my plastic cooler nuts are rusted and slipped. Can not open it .Please help.

my husband was working on his car and the a screw broke. he was working on the distributor cap and the screw is broken right near the tip. theres really nothing to grab ahold of and with where its at we cant get a decent grip from the bottom pleas help.

To remove a stripped/damaged screw easily, you can use specialised screw pliers, which have special jaws for gripping the outer perimter of the screw head...twist & remove simples, for example....


lol its been like 3 years, have you gotten the answer to your question since i have the exact same problem with my nerf gun
oh and i read all the previous comments ^^


9 years ago

a screw removal kit cuts between 2.99 and 9.99 usdollar you DON'T need a powertool the bits fit in a handscrewdriver that holds bits a screwdriver like that will start at 1 usdollar who presented this question? And then, why did this person present this question to THIS website? Existential mode i guess.....

Well, there is a way. If you're not afraid of stripping the screw-hole, you could use a very fine drill bit, and drill down into the shaft of the screw. Then, pull hard and rip it out.

Once again, someone that doesn't read my original posts. For the last time I don't have access to power tools. Next person who posts a comment which is pointless I am flagging.

Okay, I'm sorry. That's the only thing I know, and I'm just trying to help you out.

Meh, I know, but it gets annoying when people don't scroll down to see that I don't have access to power tools, or epoxy, or the screw for that matter. :P Sorry about earlier, I was annoyed and took it out on you.

Then, you could pour epoxy down the hole to act as a permanent screw.


9 years ago

i use wire clipers to turn the head of the screw, or just snap the head off.

Can't, screw is too far down a hole... Sorry for late reply.

ok i would try drilling it out

or when your mom is gone you could sneak the dremel

Y'know I'm getting pretty fed up of people not reading the other posts...

I would use a dremel to cut another slot for the screwdriver.

If you read the other comments, I don't have access to a dremel. Thanks anyway though.

I didn't, the screw came like that. Iunno why I didn't send it back complaining about the faulty screw, but then again, I could get in trouble for attempting to mod it...

use a dremel and drill out the head of the screw completely. after opening the gun take out the stick with pliers if you think this can be done without melting the plastic : cut few tiny pieces of soldering wire and put them in what remained from the screw. let a soldering tool heat up and unplug it. while still hot stick it in the screw and let it melt the soldering wire. leave it like that without any movement untill it cools. unscrew as if its a screw driver (you may want to catch the exact temperature at which its allready connected to the screw but the plastic is still soft)

I can't get hold of a dremel either, due to an untrusting mother. However, your second option sounds very easy, and if the plastic were to melt, I would not mind so much (as the plastic is hidden behind another piece). My only question to that is, could this method work with a very tight screw?

if you catch the temperature at which the soldering is hardened but is enough to melt the plastic the screw might kinda melt its way out (just turn it slowly)

the melting may be severe enough to damage the area near the hole. it depends on the plastic and the cooling speed of your soldering tool (smaller and thinner = less heat capacity = cools faster). stick the tool centered so that it does not touch the sides of the hole and does not apply forces on the screw to the side. i think the best is to rest the tool in the wanted position and not touch untill it cools. movements or vibrations when the soldering is hardening (before it hardened completely) may make it weak

and your mom should not be a stop to your creativity or skills

I don't think I'll be using the hole again, so damage is not really that much of a problem (as long as the damage is not done to the plastic, damage to the hole is fine.) I don't think a soldering iron will be neccesary, I think I shall just drop a few tiny pieces of solder on the screw, heat a screwdriver up, and treat the screwdriver like a soldering iron, that way the screwdriver will cool down, as opposed to me then taking the soldering iron out, then placing the screwdriver into the molten tin. Meh, she just doesn't like me having sharp things (too many close calls I think). Having stabbed myself many a time when I was younger (due to me running off with knives and poking trees) she is frightened (I think) that I will do more serious damage.

the screw and screwdriver are made of metal that is hard to solder too. its way easier to use the iron the soldering wire has red stuff that aids soldering. when you drop it most of it is gone. you have to melt the wire in the screws head close calls are normal for anyone who does not pass all day in front of tv. they are not sign that you do something wrong or should not use certain tools. just be cautious

I know. But I have no iron (blame my mum again). S'pose. Heh, funny you should mention that. Sliced through my finger, through the nail, down the middle. Nearly ended up with two index fingers.

i did with my left thumb from the side to the center of the nail - cutting a circuit board with ruler and retractable knife walked near a month with bandage and finger that felt really weird all the time. then all healed except the nail. then the nail fixed itself too and now all is great did not stop me from using knifes or rulers (and i did complete cutting that circuit board the day after)

Yeah, it's still an open wound (has been for like 9 hours). It's around a 1/2cm to a cm deep. Hurts like a b!tch.

try to not let the parts move related to each other

when it heals it needs to connect 2 sides of the finger together. if they move it breaks what it srarted to heal and is bad

Ohhhh. Thankyou for the advice. :D I may be getting a dremel tomorrow (without my mum knowing, my nan said she'd get me one :P). So I can cut through the screw, and my dilema will hopefully be over.


9 years ago

hey, try putting some oil near it and push it out with a screwdriver or something.. this might help.. and you're welcome

Uhh... Not possible, the screw needs to be unscrewed, or cut, lol. Thanks anyway though.

I have had a similar problem with a plastic screw. I basically made a new screw head by drilling a hole in the broken one and screwing another smaller (metal) screw in. Once the smaller screw is threaded in take it out and put some epoxy or maybe even superglue (cyanoacrylate stuff) and then put it back again. After the glue dries, just slowly unscrew the new "screw" If you want to try this and there is anything that you didn't understand, I'll try to clarify

That sounds good, but I don't think I can get hold of a drill, or epoxy. But, if ever I get hold of any I'll try it.

hmmm... that's a tough one is the screw sunk into the plastic so there is no remaining portion sticking out of the top of the hole? And is this a small screw, in the range of 1/2 an inch?

The screw is around 1/4 of an inch, and the hole is around an inch, the screw is down the hole (it is a toy, remember).

there is really only one way that I can think of doing this off the top of my head, but if you can reach it from the opposite side it was originally screwed in from (somebody mentioned melting a hole), just pound it out with a hammer and a nail or something. Since it is plastic so it should just slowly move out, but it will take a lot of soft hammering... the hole will be stripped, but you can always get a bigger screw. If you can't reach it from the other side... well, I'm not quite sure what I would do yet

The other side is closed up. And I cannot hit it that hard as I cannot afford to break the plastic. Also I don't plan to put another screw in.

yeah, I had a feeling you would say that... I honesty don't have an other ideas if you can't get a hold of a drill or something