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Anybody got a spare fatted calf? Answered


We need one, because the Prodigal Instructabler has returned!

Ears and all!


Thanks, I've no idea who the big-eared kid is, found it in my grandmother's house... but what ears! L

Mr Cuthbert Rumbold has him beat (or is that him, as a boy?)


I was always fond of Mr Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries myself...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S GONE!!!!!!!

Yeah, but he didn't have ~~ competitive~~ comparative ears :-)

Crikey! it's a signed one too. Not in your collection I hope


Excuse me for my ignorance, but why does everyone think you're like the ultimate god back from the unconventional ways of un-instructables? Oh by the way Kiteman, I had a fat calf but I think it's more or less a fat cow now, either that or a steak sandwich. I don't own him any more so I don't know.

Lemonie was one of the original founts-of-all-knowledge, able to help anywhere. And he's British (Yorkshire, but that's probably not his fault) to boot. Unfortunately, he was rather hurridly disconnected from ~~reality~~ the internet, so we never did properly find out what happened. Maybe we will, maybe we won't. Check his projects and comments to see exactly why he is held in such high regard by those of us who remember him.

lol, British. Ok then, I'll go to his profile & see what the big fuss is about, thanks for telling me.

I do remember the hysteria sweeping through the KNEX community with regard to KILLERK either being 'back' some years ago... L

well, not to you, but a lot of knexers dont think as highly of him as they did one year ago.

there's like a whole conversation talking about why Killer k is over rated, weird... But yeah that's pretty true, as soon as you came back every one's like omagodomagodomagodomagodomagod... Oh well it's probably justified.

And within my head I pronounce it Kill-erk


What's the calf for?

Mmm... Yummy, if there is I'm deffinitely coming.

Erm, thanks. I feel I owe people an apology (you don't want to know though) Nice to be back, now I'm going to go away and post something myself... L

Watch out for that dodgy Goodhart chap, you need to out post him...

Something like that... RECLAIM YOUR CROWN SIR!!!

HEY !!! Great to see you back again !

I don't remember you, but you seem to get about a bit - as comment above Hello to you! L

That's ok, I pretty much started here only shortly before you had to go....I am trying to think of the avatar I had at the time......oh it was my pic, without the beard....like this one:


Maybe.. Like the beard, some drunken () was complimenting me on mine yesterday "you look like Zorro" - another lookee-likee for the list... L

Well, I have been told I look very Amish, although I was not attempting such (I did have a mustache for a short bit, but it interfered with my C-PAP machine at night (made it leak too much :-) .


I didn't know those existed, might mention to a friend (girl - no 'tache) L

Apparently so, this explains a lot of things about her health she says. Still I shan't see her 'till she get's married in April. Les

Hmm, well it definitely causes one to be tired all the time, falling asleep at inappropriate times (sometimes while driving or, as in my case a few times, while standing up)....it is bad for one's heart as it robs the body of oxygen at night, when it is trying to repair itself. It really is a serious matter.

Yes that's it. Falling asleep with a wok & oil heating up on the stove is a bad one too... L

One of the most dangerous occurrences for me was falling asleep while visiting my wife's parents (my wife nearly killed me LOL).

In fact, the timing was so close they accused me of being you in disguise...but not for long LOL ... personality-wise, I am nearly your opposite .... from what I remember...

Welcome back, very sincerely. :)

Nice to see you return. ;)

I suppose I should say "welcome back," since you long predate my participation. However, since you departed shortly before I joined, "back" is a bit anachronistic for me, so I'll just say


And I look forward to future conversations (or at least another participant in the "beat up on scientific illiterates" club :-).

Michael Kelsey

WOOHOOO!!!! The master of young mind corruption IZ BACK