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Anybody gotten the MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor to work correctly with Arduino? Answered

Please provide details, and a schematic if possible. Many people over on Sparkfun are asking but nobody seems to be able to get it to work using the manufacturer's datasheet. My personal results end up with the Arduino only reading between 850 and 1023 instead of full range of about 160 to 1023??



8 years ago

worked for me,  I used a 10k resistor. The idle reading is around 100. After one drink or so, I was able to get 300. More than 4 drinks results in 800.

 sariel, could you supply the source code please?


9 years ago

I was able to get mine working with a 100k 5% resistor. It gives readings between like 500 and 1023. I set mine up where it will leave a green LED up to a value of 800 and a yellow one up to 900, and a red one for everything over that. After about 3 beers in an hour i was able to blow a solid yellow light. sariel