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Anybody tried to dismount sealed lead acid batteries? Answered

My battery started to leak between bottom base and top cover (check pic). Just wondering anybody removed top cover?
I know, you can remove top plate in order to add ionising water etc, but the actual top base?


I notice the words "maintenance-free" on that battery, might it have reached the end of it's life?



7 years ago

Thanks for reply lads. Obviously wondering how is the battery "structured" inside.I've opened the caps and battery seem to be dry inside. Would buy distilled water, fill up and try to charge in order to bring it alive. If charge would be unsuccessful, will try to cut the top off and show the structure if it would be interesting for someone.
Or in case if it will be working, would glue it with super glue hehe

I would think that seam is sealed from the factory for your protection. Corrosive and nasty chemicals inside. You have a defective battery case and should recycle it properly. If you are just interested in taking it apart to see what is inside, be safe and don't end up like those battery dismantlers in labor camp parts of the world.

Work outside, and have plenty of water (hosepipe) and baking soda on hand to dilute and neutralise spills.