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Anyone Know About Green Wood Stains Answered

I've been thinking about redoing a bass guitar and I was looking into different stains when I came across this environmentally friendly wood finishing stain.  So this stuff is hugely more expensive than most products out there and I really don't know much about it.  And there really isn't that much information on it so  I was hoping someone on here might have some experience using some of this stuff.  Would this stuff work better than the chemical stains or is it just more expensive because its organic?


I actually ended up speaking with them over there -- apparently aside from the unnatural additives that they put into the minwax and other low end products. The coverage area is a big to do -- A little bit goes a long way as oppose to if you buy the cheap stuff. I ended up actually using the double boiled linseed oil.

It is more expensive because people are dumb enough to pay.
Organic or environmentally friendly cost less to make.


5 years ago

Disclaimer: I am a novice - I've never stained anything, but I'm looking into this for a project I'm doing.

I'm not sure which item on that website you're looking at, but they are definitely not cheap. Depending on what you want, maybe a natural Tung Oil would work. You can get it on Amazon for less than on that site. (Here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Hope-Company-32TO12-Quart/dp/B000I1QA6E/). This is 100% oil, whereas most of the hardware store "tung oil" or "teak oil" or "linseed oil" seems to have additives. Read the reviews to understand some of the downsides (long drying time, odor).

It also seems like Canada and Europe have several more green wood finishing options than what I'm finding in the US. Pretty disappointing, as I would think this kind of things should be more mainstream. I'll look forward to seeing if others have suggestions.