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Anyone have suggestions on resources for DYI solar panel construction? Materials, Cells, inverters etc. Answered

I'm in the process of planning and getting the materials needed to build several solar panels to install on-grid. Any out there have any good information on the best and most economical place to purchase the needed materials for this project? Solar cells, inverters etc. Also, any suggestions are much appreciated. GEAUX TIGERS!!


Commercial Solar Panels are Expensive!
Fact: It will take you more than 10 years to pay back
Solution: Using Surplus Solar Cells You can get pay back in 1-2 years
There is an Engineer from Chicago his name is John Sommer
He explain it All in his diy solar panels Blog Search for him using Google
Type "top diy solar panels" Open the first Result.
Note: Ignore the adds at the top.

I haven't done much comparison shopping but eBay is actually a pretty good source. You can buy in pretty decent bulk and I think sometimes they will throw in extras needed for assembling solar cells.

Thanks for the input....I've actually fount the same thing over the past week. Ebay does look good for the panels at least. Thanks again.