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Anyone here have hyperterminal knowledge? Answered

I was hoping someone here would possibly know about using hyperterminal in windows. The situation is: 1. I am able to connect a laptop and a desktop computer via dialup modems through a 100 foot telephone wire, and transfer files using window's xp's hyperterminal program. 2. I want to somehow bridge the ethernet connection on the desktop computer to the dialup modem, to enable me to have internet access on the laptop via internet explorer/whatever. 3. If I can connect two computers via their modems with a frickin telephone cord and send files, then I know it is possible to bridge the ethernet connection into the modem like one would bridge a wireless connection to the ethernet port of a windows xp machine so they can connect a pc to the ethernet port and use internet traffic for it. 4. I know it's simply a matter of implementing it. Anyone have any ideas?



8 years ago

As kelsey points out, modem and ethernet use different protocols so there's no guarantee you can bridge across them sensibly. If the laptop has an ethernet port, get a patch cable and use a windows ad hoc network. If it doesn't but has an empty PCMCIA slot, PCMCIA wired ethernet network cards are cheap++. If neither of those are possible but both machines have COM ports, you could try oPossum's solution.

Ah yes, you may be correct, hold on though, I need to read Kelsey's comment. Oh.. I think he may be right. However I will look into oPossum's idea in a minute. I already explained that the laptop doesn't have an ethernet card, however I know they are cheap, considering a pci ethernet card is only a matter of $5-10 now adays, a pcmcia card can't be much more? Both machines do have com access on the modems and I can do anything between them in hyperterminal that I would do, say, while accessing a remote computer over my telephone line 250km away, that is if we were still back in the BBS and telnet days! Thank's PKM!

Your item (3) is not necessary correct. The software interface to the Ethernet port is designed to use TCP, not Hayes modem, as a communications protocol. Unless you write your own hardware-level driver, there is no reason at all that the one should be able to communicate with the other.

If you are able to connect Ethernet to Ethernet (with an eight-pin RJ-45 connector at each end, properly wired), then you can use Windows "ad hoc network" or "computer-to-computer network" connection to do the job you want.

Hyperterminal is just a user interface to the underlying Hayes (AT) modem protocol, not a general-purpose network connection system.