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Anyone know about minijector injection molding machine? Answered

I am trying to start a buisness and I need an injection molding machine to make the parts. I need my object to be about the 6cm3 I dont want to build one because I don't want to waste my money. I have loked at the galomb model but I don't know if this makes objects big enough and a 2-4 minute plastic heat up seems quite long.http://www.injectionmolder.net also I saw in make magazine in the tool editionan injection mold machine called minijector I don;t know the price but I watched a video and it looked like what I need does anybody know any more specs like the price and the mold size on the inside? ps i am looking at the minijector 45 http://www.mini-jector.com/index.php/standard-machines/small-plunger-type/model-45


EDM electric discharge machine uses a carbon electrode to burn the shape into the mold making the cavity. You need several to get to the finished cavity. most molds now are made with a CNC milling machine much quicker and much more accurate.


6 years ago

I have an injection molding machine available with 2 oz maximum shot capacity and 12 tons clamping force (run on either 120V or 240V). It melts plastic continuously so you don't have to wait for the plastic to heat up each time, and has self contained hydraulic drives.

It's much more affordable than minijector (under 3K), it is also lightweight (170lb) so it can be shipped economically by UPS.

Levon Fiore @ Medium Machinery, LLC
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7 years ago

You should worry about the $$ cost of making the dies, even short life dies. A

lot are electrically formed now at much reduced cost. but still a significant figure in a start up company.

I can't remember the electric discharge process name, but does it involve a carbon electrode sparking away steel under oil ? A

EDM shaping. is I think what you mean.

Right...... Electro-Discharge-Machining ( it, memory, comes back to me ! ) and chief among the features of EDM is the ability to do thin sections without deforming the metal as other common methods of machining might do. A

I work next to a company that makes tooling for making soap tablets, they abandoned EDM long ago for CNC milling for the very great bulk of a job, only using EDM for the final finish of details - its quicker to mill than spark.

Here is an EDM with very thin section made from aluminum and gold plated.
It would fit into a Film SLR camera and turn it into a knockout digital camera ! A


No experience but it is a commercial product so it will most likely do what it says on the tin.. best speak to them about your needs.