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Anyone know any good online guides to solid state, stereo, amp modding for beginners? Answered

I have an old Pioneer amp with a dying right channel that I would like to try out fixing/modding on. Can anyone suggest online resources for a beginner wishing to learn?



8 years ago

Yes the age is important. But the fact that its dying and not (working->dead) in a instant, probably means you can fix it. Look for physical damage. Broken sodder joints or swollen capacitors (those can things with the stamped X or Y on the top. Caps go bad with age and easy/cheap to replace. Also take a good look at the connectors, they take a lot of stress and can break away from board.

How "old" is it. A really old, transistor based design is probably straightforward to fix, a modern IC based design relies on custom chips.

You can see things like general circuit layouts, with a cursory look at things like http://www.Discovercircuits.com Transistor based circuits all follow fairly similar design ideas.