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Anyone know anything about this Santa? Answered

We went to Operation Toy Drop ran by USACAPOC And saw this  Airborne Santa.  I am curious if anyone knew what country of origin he came from. I had forgot to ask him since we were out in the cold and wet for 5 hrs because the TOT was pushed back due to weather.

He has jump boots and wings but I think thats because he earned them. I guess if Rudolph crashes or something.



Best Answer 4 years ago

Are you thinking about the hat and sash?

The hat looks Afghan to me. Google says it's a "pakol".

Thats amazing. You know your hats. This santa also knew how to say hello in 20 different languages.

They had multiple counties there that day passing out "Foreign Jump wings" to the Paratroopers.

i'm pretty sure your people were out there too, in their maroon berets.

I watch the news - there are often shots of men in hats like this, so all I did was google for "Afghan hat" and work from there.

You kiddin' me? That's Santa Claus, dude.  First name Santa. Last name Claus.  He's famous! I've seen this guy everywhere!  Especially this time of year!   Although now that you mention it, it does seem kind of suspicious to me how he seems to be in so many places at once...

Thanks i knew who he was but i was curious of his hat, I have only seen the red floppy hats before.
He doesnt have to be everywhere at once. He utilizes the different time zones!