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Anyone know how i can remove a Torx screw out without a torx driver? Answered

I need to remove 2 large torx screws but i dont have the driver. any suggestions?


Melt the end of a plastic pen with a lighter or torch and then jam it into the head of the screw. This will mold the end of the pen into a torx bit. Hopefully the pen will hold up long enough to remove the screw.

Damn, you reminded me, i could have used a pencil to do the same thing

If you have a range of screwdrivers, you can get a flat one to fit. Sometimes you need to grind down the edges to fit tight enough.

Sometimes, ie, rarely, an allen wrench will work, if the screw isn't super tight and you have a full selection of metric and SAE allen drivers to play with. Generally, it's time to hit the store for a proper driver.

Torx bits for interchangable-bit drivers are widely available and cheap. And you may have a friend who could lend you a set... Failing that: Treat it as you would a screw with a stripped head. Of course in doing so you will probably strip the head.

Dremel cutter to cut a slot then use a slotted screw driver. You can even reuse the screw if you need to. You can use a hacksaw if you can get the room.