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Anyone know how to make a bootable USB? Answered

I've done it before using cmd... But now I forget :-/ Anyone know how to make a USB thumb drive bootable using either cmd or a free graphical program?


Bootable to what? DOS? Linux? Windows? Depends on what you're trying to boot to. :)

I downloaded a torrent of Windows Vista, I extracted the ISO, and now I want to copy those files to a 4gb thumb drive so I can boot from the USB and install Vista. The ISO was 2.4gb and I don't have a DVD burner :-/

Right, you need a way of mounting the ISO, I use MagigISO, but there's loads that will do it. Once you've mounted the ISO file, then format the flash drive to fat32. Now just copy all of the files from the mounted ISO image to your flash drive and use it.

. You may need to use the /s flag (install system files) when you format. . And I think you will end up with an install disc on the flash drive, not a bootable OS.

Oh yeah, I forgot about /s. I think he wants an install disc on the drive, from what I gather.

Yes, you're right, I want an install disc and not a full, bootable OS. I'll give it a try, thanks.

Are you installing from within Windows? If you are, find something like MagicISO to mount the file and then you can run the installer from within windows as an update (I think anyway).

Sorry! :P I'll have you know that I tried a number of different Google searches though... none too fruitful :P

. np I figured you were just having problems finding the right terms. I wouldn't be Nacho if I didn't give you a hard time about it. ;) . Did that one work for ya? I didn't follow any of the links.

Ubuntu 8.10 comes with an easy USB creator.