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Anyone know how to make a hokkaido style milk/yogurt drink? Answered

Went on a trip to Hokkaido recently and there were a lot of drinkable yogurts available at nearly every 7i and Lawsons.  My favorite one is the one shown in this pic


I read in a manga that takes place in a Hokkaido high school that you can make yogurt, i'm hoping the same drinkable type of yogurt, by combining milk and store bought yogurt in a container and then storing that at 40 degrees celsius for a couple hours.  The name of the manga is Silver Spoon, or Gin no Saji if you're wondering.

Has anyone tried this method?  I know the normal method of making yogurt i'm just hoping this method is the method that makes it into that drinkable consistency similar to those drinkable yogurt drinks in Hokkaido. 

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rickharrisBest Answer (author)2017-10-05


Making Yogurt is very easy. Warm milk and a live yogurt to start things off. Keep warm overnight and you have a whole pint+ of tasty yogurt.

You can make it drinkable by adding more milk to get the right texture.

I used to make a lot, but like making bread, without a family to feed it to you end up with far too much.

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iceng (author)2017-10-04

Interesting pics but I do not know of any secrets and have a very poor success record of reproducing healthy drinks...

I suspect that those delightful drinks are a well kept secret...

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