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Anyone know how to make a small practice amp for an acoustic guitar?

Has anyone built an amplifier for an acoustic guitar?  I know the small one's I see here on this site are usually being played with an electric guitar.

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judaith (author)2010-05-30

 Hum, what are you going to be plugging this amp into on an acoustic guitar?  If you actually do have an acoustic guitar with a built in pick up transducer/eq. then by far the coolest ones that I have tried and have had great success with are the Altoid tin amps on this site.  Just do a quick search, "Altoid guitar amp." and then select the ones that you have all of the supplies for on hand.  Keep in mind, "Altoid" is one brand; I have used Sucrets cough drop tins, tea tins and even just a tuna can with the lid still attached at one small section for a henge.  Lately, could be my son is finally OK with mom giving him some pointers we have been blowing through amps.  I have found that any Karaoke machine, boom box, some of those i pod docking speaker stations (Everything .99 has them here for .99 {Fresno,CA}), all of our older TV's and even our car DVD set has the 3.5mm in jack.  You just need to get the adapter and you can even use the PC your on as an amp.  If you have no pre-drilled hole for a plug, try something non-invasive like:

NachoMahma (author)2010-02-16

.  There is no difference between an amp for an electric guitar and an amp for a mic'd/piezo'd acoustic (as stephenniall points out, a true acoustic can't drive an amp).

Re-design (author)2010-02-15

Here is a nice little practice amp that you can make from parts at radio shack.  If you don't like this one google "diy practice amp".

stephenniall (author)2010-02-15

well an acoustic guitar doesnt need an amplifier but if you have a electro acoustic id use a pair of computer speakers OR if you want to make your acoustic guitar an electro acoustic mount a few piezos in the Hole of the guitar and wire them to an amp