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Anyone know how to make healthy Candy Corn and/or Hot Tamales? Answered

I am extremely fond of both Candy Corn and Hot Tamales. However, I wish that they didn't include such toxic ingredients, like "Red 40" and "Blue Lake 5". I would be grateful if someone could either post an 'ible or answer with a recipe.


Well, at least red 40 if one of the safer food colorings. but to be honest if you're eating enough of the candy to have a problem with red 40 consumption, you;re going to have much more problem with the sugar in the candy first. Both in excess calories and the damage that much sugar will be doing to your arteries.

Frankly, I do have a problem with eating even a little of any unnatural color.
That's why I haven't been to a MacDonald's in years-partialy because they put blue color and titanium dioxide (something in white house paint) in their hamburger buns. And there's no such thing as a 'safe' food coloring that can cause various types of tumors in rats.

And yet you are willing to eat large amounts of sugar - that is proven to cause many diseases and organ damage in HUMANS.

I never said anything about 'large amounts', I just said I liked them. Yeah, sure, sugar isn't that great for you, but it's a whole lot better than all those colors.

The sugar in the candy does more damage to you than the coloring in the candy. Period.

Fine. Whatever. If you're not going to help with recipe ideas, then get lost.

Don't add the synthetic dyes.
It'll taste the same.


Look lower right for recipes on this site.