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Anyone know how to rig up a small scale belt driven axel system for an altoids racer? Answered

Alright, so here's my idea. i have a small dc motor, i don't know specifics on it, however, my plan is to fit it, as well as a 9v battery with a on/off switch. i also have a ton of other pretty cool ideas for it. i also plan to have 2 axles with one(or both) attatched to the motor. this is where i run into snags. i thought of rubber bands for a belt driven system, but the only rubber bands i can find are too big. i tried modifying the length of the rubber band by using gorilla glue but that just made the rubber band brittle. anyone have any ideas? thanks it'd help out alot


You might try to find some belts for cassete players, or from a VCR, or BETA player. If all else fails here's a link to a nice gearhead motor that might work for your project!

Thanks! just out of curiosity, do you guys think the rubberband from broccoli or somthing would work? because basicly i took a motor from a handheld fan and i already have 2 metal rods for axles so i only need to hook up one belt to one axle. thanks again!

Here is a link showing the physics behind a flat belt on a pulley for low speeds.

It might work if you use a potentiometer as a rheostat to control your motor speed so you can adjust it accordingly.