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Anyone know leathercraft? Answered

'Twould make a keen 'able, don'cha think? Anyway, does anyone know anything about working leather? I'm wanting to make some arm bracers, and after thinking it over, have decided I don't know much about how to do that.


A good place to start learning leather craft and leather carving is at the Tandy Leather website.

i have the leatherwork merit badge or w/e it is

I don't know anything about leather, but I can refer you to this Leather Guide, which shows many instructables about working with leather.

Hope it helps.

One of these days I will have to make an accompanying ible for my Pyrograph ible as some of those techniques can be used on leather too.

I know a fair bit about leather working. I'll post a slideshow of some of my completed projects at some point... As for your bracers, harden them by rubbing them with neatsfoot oil then baking them really low and slow.