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Anyone know of a good decompiler? Answered

I was recently asked to make some mods to a program I made a few years ago, however, I can't for the life of me find my source code.  Does anyone know of a free decompiler that I can use?  I tried a few that I found on Google, but they all wanted money, and I'm not willing to spend the money.

I made the program with VB express 2005, (the file I want to decompile is a .exe file obviously) and I currently use Visual Studio 2010.  (I still have my VB 2005 install disc if I need it... but I think there is no reason why I should need it)

Thanks in advance!

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steveastroukBest Answer (author)2012-02-14

TBH I've never seen one that works with modern languages, for anything but the trivial - once an optimising compiler's had its greasy paws on your source code, it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

Decompilation is a topic of research, but the compiler is an effective scrambler.



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thegeeke (author)steveastrouk2012-02-14

That's pretty much what I've found too... But I just thought I'd ask since most everyone on here has more programming experience that I do... ;)

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iceng (author)2012-02-14

Was it microsoft VB or Reak Basic VB ?


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iceng (author)thegeeke2012-02-14

S O L :( man..
Real Basic VB that I'm familiar with keeps a nearly hidden backup.

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